The Bronx is booming! The borough is ripe for development and real estate investment opportunities of all shapes and sizes. That's why the Firm has formed a geographically focused practice group — uniting expertise in real estate, land use, tax, finance, and not-for-profit — to know what exactly is happening in the Bronx so our clients can take advantage of opportunities, armed with the insight, intelligence, and expertise necessary to succeed.

Our Bronx Practice Group provides a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding what really is happening (now and in the future) in the real estate market in the Bronx.   With ongoing planning studies by the City on several areas of the Bronx to consider redevelopments, targeted neighborhood programs for Mandatory Inclusionary Housing, studies showing a concentration of City-owned vacant land throughout the borough, recent equity investment/developer activity, and the fact that nearly all of the South Bronx and many areas near Pelham Bay and along the Grand Concourse have been designated as federal Opportunity Zones, the Bronx will be a major focus of increased investment and City-wide resources in the coming months and years.  We are leveraging our expertise in New York City real estate and our expanding network of relationships with Bronx-focused real estate players to help our clients take advantage of these new opportunities.

The primary goal of our Bronx Practice Group is to provide clients with the right intelligence on potential opportunities and the right contacts to make smart deals happen.  The expertise of our focused practice group includes:

  • Real Estate:  Joint ventures, acquisitions and dispositions, financing and leasing.
  • Land Use:  Development possibilities, air rights, ULURP, and discretionary and non-discretionary zoning approvals, including special permits, certifications and amendments to the Zoning Resolution from the New York City Planning Commission.
  • Tax: Opportunity Zones and other federal, state and local incentive programs.

The Bronx Practice Group embodies the Firm’s Pure Play approach and is dedicated to helping our clients grow their businesses and succeed.