New York City continues to be one of the most challenging and dynamic cities in which to develop real estate.  In these complex times, successful real estate development in New York City requires expert knowledge of the multiple applicable laws and programs, and the intricate ways the players and the laws intersect.  It is essential for a developer to engage attorneys with the experience and expertise to navigate this complex web of laws, regulations, and bureaucracy in order to achieve a successful project.  A change to one aspect of a project may create an undesirable change to other interests and it is critical to understand the intersection of the various laws to prevent unintended consequences.   

Our NYC Development Practice brings together skilled attorneys with many years of combined experience in the most critical elements involved in development (land use, zoning, property taxes, and incentive programs), and adds to that a team of lawyers with knowledge and expertise in all stages of a development project; namely, acquisition, assemblage, joint venture, finance, and leasing.  We have the ability to advise a developer starting from pre-development land use and property tax due diligence, through deal structuring of site acquisition and financing, construction contracts and compliance, and all the way through tax and zoning incentives and lease-up upon completion of the project.  

Beyond providing unmatched legal services to our clients, our NYC Development Practice does even more to advance the firm’s mission: To Help Our Clients Grow Their Business.  Our team has spent the last decade assembling an incredible list of contacts throughout every part of the real estate world.  We are here to help our clients achieve their business goals, whether it is a need for capital, for a high-quality sponsor to help investors get access to these types of projects, or for consulting and strategizing on how to best position a client’s company for success in the current environment and the future.