Helping Clients Grow

We have a dramatically different business model from other law firms and that is embodied in our core mission to HELP OUR CLIENTS GROW THEIR BUSINESSES.  This is a unique value-add that distinguishes us from other law firms.  Instead of “only” looking to send bills to our clients, we also delve deeply into what our clients often need more than anything else, namely, assistance in growing their real estate businesses successfully. 

There are two ways we help our clients on the business side:

  1. We make key introductions to assist our clients in finding transactions, financial partners, investors, strategic relationships and other counterparties. This has resulted in several billion dollars of transactions in the past few years. If you are wondering, we do not get a fee for this – we do it solely to help our clients grow their businesses. Our clients love that we do this.
  2. Our relentless focus on the real estate industry has caused us to evolve into a real estate-focused intellectual hub. This enables us to help our clients raise their businesses to the next level by providing key insights, new ideas and creative ways to outperform and solve problems.

This mission is spearheaded by Chairman and Founding Partner, Bruce Stachenfeld and our Business Development Team. Bruce has been in the real estate industry for close to forty years and has developed a deep understanding of the industry.  He has also become one of the most “connected” lawyers in New York City real estate.  As a thought leader in the real estate world, he spends a great deal of his time thinking up outside-the-box ideas and creating intellectual capital for our clients.  

Our program to help our clients build their businesses is a philosophical twist of the dial as to what the role of an exceptional law firm should be.  Instead of just doing great legal work, we think we should become a core teammate in helping our clients achieve what they really want; namely, to succeed in the business world.  

It bears mention that at other law firms ‘business development’ means creating business for the law firm.  At our law Firm, business development means business development for our clients.  This initiative is spearheaded by our phenomenal client business development team, Caitlin Velez and Kristen McMaster. 

We are all about making the Firm a place where 'talent' wants to go.