At the time of the Firm's inception in October 1997, our goal was to build a law firm that would be widely regarded as one of the premier law firms in the United States, with the ability to deliver exceptional legal services across a broad range of practice areas. In early 2013, we realized that we had built one of the leading real estate law practices in the world; however, we were not widely known in other legal disciplines. After consideration, we concluded that we could best serve our clients and our lawyers by modifying our business model to become The Pure Play in Real Estate Law®.

This meant that our first and primary goal would be to focus our business model around our strongest practice; namely, real estate. We, therefore, have indeed focused all of the Firm’s practice areas around providing stellar legal services to our clients throughout all levels of the debt and equity capital stacks in the real estate industry.

This created a virtuous cycle for the Firm and indeed the Pure Play is one of the key differentiators and lynchpins of our growth and success. Our clients know that if they seek the top level of legal skill, coupled with critical real estate industry knowledge, the Firm is the best place for them to go. And our lawyers know that if they want to grow successful careers as lawyers focused on the real estate industry, there is no better milieu in which to achieve that goal.

In the end, the real estate industry is our ‘sandbox.’ In it, we not only know all of the critical legal issues, but we also know all of the players and how to help our clients achieve their business goals.