We are proud to say that Adler & Stachenfeld LLP has now been an important fixture in New York City real estate for a Quarter Century!

We have survived many ups and downs in our history. We survived the Global Financial Crisis and we survived COVID, and we have weathered many events, including severe disruptions to our business and quixotic disruptions to the law industry itself.  Yet we have persevered and succeeded and – incredibly – find ourselves stronger than ever.

Ultimately, the reason we are still here is very simple. We have a reason to exist.  The reason is our Firm Values and our Hedgehog Principle.  The essence of all of it is, when in doubt, our values point us in the right direction.  

The heart of our Hedgehog Principle is that we truly care about our clients, lawyers, and administrative team –– there is something more important in these relationships than just business – whether it is career building or advice, picking someone up on a down day, celebrating successes, or strategizing for future successes, we are all in!

Most importantly, when challenged, we do not divert from our values.  A&S, without its Firm Values and Hedgehog Principle, is simply not A&S; instead, it is a bunch of lawyers sharing office space until someone gets a better offer.

Thinking of the next 25 years, we are confident that these Firm Values and the Hedgehog Principle will stand us in good stead.  

We are proud and happy to announce that A&S is now twenty-five years old! 

On our twenty-fifth anniversary, we take this opportunity to thank our clients for their support, and to thank our attorneys and administrative staff members for their excellent hard work and sacrifice.

We hope you all enjoy reading our Quarter Century Commemorative.