February 20, 2024    5 min read

PB&J = Bridge Lending and Private Equity

Everyone – and I do mean pretty much everyone – likes peanut butter and jelly (unless, of course, they’re allergic to peanuts). There is something about the way these two foods go together that is just pleasing. My sense is that bridge lending and private equity – at least right now – go together as easily as PB&J.

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January 3, 2024    6 min read

Predictions for 2024

Artificial Intelligence – despite all the hype -- will be close to irrelevant, except as a useful tool that saves time.  People will start to realize that it is not a game-changer.  It is not a new business; it is just a new way of doing business.  I called it a Glorified Spell Check in a prior article, i.e. it can catch errors but will not create value for you.  I do caution that even though AI won’t give you a competitive advantage, not having it at your fingertips when your competition has it will hurt you since it will provide some cost-savings and other internal benefits.  Notably, Bill Gates’s famous quote is apropos here; namely, that people tend to overestimate what will happen in one year but underestimate what will happen in ten years.  

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December 26, 2023    8 min read

Predictions -- How Accurate Have I Been?

I have some predictions about 2024 coming to you next week, but before I serve up that article I thought I would take a moment to assess how accurate I have been in my past predictions, as that would be relevant whether you would be open to considering my future predictions.

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