As I get older (despite my Baby Boomer desire to live forever), I have been trying to think about things that I can do that are meaningful, helpful and useful to the real estate industry and those who work in it.  

It seems like a place where I could add the greatest value would be to parties just starting out and potentially struggling in the real estate world.  

I have seen an awful lot over the years – and have a wealth of connections to boot – so if you are a Scrappy Startup (a phrase that used to apply to my law firm) there are good odds that I might be of value to you in helping you build a real estate business.

Accordingly, if you are trying to build a business in real estate and the world is not yet your oyster. 

  • Perhaps you are Israeli or Ukrainian by economic base or heritage and the wars are causing you turmoil.
  • Perhaps you are a woman or minority and you can’t catch a break.
  • Perhaps you are just two guys starting out with a great idea.
  • Or you are none of the above but it is tough to find your footing.

If you don’t know where to turn – or how to move things along – I am looking forward to helping you if I can.  

There is no cost or quid pro quo, but to qualify you must have the following characteristics:

  • You have to be – super – honest
  • You have to be someone who cares about other people
  • You have to be very hardworking 

If you qualify, please give me a shout to my Business Development Director, Kristen McMaster at
Bruce Stachenfeld aka The Real Estate Philosopher®