I am pleased to report that I have another real estate book!  It is called --
          How to Invest in Commercial Real Estate if You Know Nothing About Commercial Real Estate

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I co-wrote it with my friend and real estate business guru David Dowell as an assignment for a blue chip highly-respected institutional investor who had invested in all asset classes other than real estate.  The investor was moving into real estate investing and sought what they called, “Real Estate 101.”

When David and I completed the assignment, we realized that we had the perfect roadmap for someone who is smart and knowledgeable about investing but just doesn’t have real estate in their repertoire.  Someone who wants to reap the benefits of the real estate asset class without becoming the sucker at Warren Buffett’s hypothetical poker game.  

If you read our book, it gives you a fighting chance!  There are many sharks in the real estate ocean and one chapter is devoted specifically to avoid being taken advantage of by the sharks when you are just a minnow learning how to swim.  

The book is perfect for:

A youngster just starting a real estate career – who has just landed her first job

Someone trying to get a first job in real estate and needing some sophistication in the interview process 

Someone with a fair amount of experience in one area of the real estate industry who wants to get a sense of the entire real estate world

Dare I say a professor or teacher teaching….Real Estate 101 

A high-powered real estate company wanting to make sure its new hires get the basics

The book is live -- as of today!

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With kind regards,

Bruce Stachenfeld aka The Real Estate Philosopher®