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Firm Policies:

  • Mandatory, annual training on bias, discrimination, harassment and diversity, at which the Managing Partner and all members of the Management Committee are required to attend (along with all attorneys, paraprofessionals and staff). A&S also has a detailed zero-tolerance policy against harassment, discrimination and retaliation, which is laid out in the Firm’s employee handbook.

  • Parental and family care leave policies with primary and secondary care designations (versus the traditional “maternity” or “paternity” leave classifications).  In addition, we provide the same number of paid months to both attorneys and staff for parental and family care leave (without differentiation among levels of seniority or status).

  • Inclusive observance of religious and cultural holidays.

  • All employees are invited and encouraged to attend scheduled quarterly A&S firm-wide meetings and other meetings throughout the year, at which important information is conveyed.  At such meetings, all members of the A&S management team make presentations about important firm matters (including the Firm’s financial performance, new hires, special initiatives, and committee activities) and efforts are made to publicly highlight special achievements of attorneys and staff.

  • A&S makes a concerted effort to provide personalized, tailored programs to facilitate flex schedules or alternative working arrangements including (i) reduced hours or reduced workload, (ii) creation of alternative or specialized roles, (iii) modified hours, (iv) the ability to work from home, and (v) other individualized arrangements to address temporary or permanent circumstances that require modification to work schedule or assignments. Such arrangements are available to all employees upon request, regardless of gender, seniority or position. An employee’s choice to participate will not impede such employee’s opportunities for advancement.

  • All attorneys, paraprofessionals and staff who have worked at A&S for more than 5 years, together with their respective spouse/partner/guest are invited to attend an annual A&S-sponsored, off-site outing that typically occurs over a 3-day weekend during the year.  All attendees are encouraged to participate fully in all events, which include formal dinners, sporting events such as golf, tennis, and jet-skiing and informal gatherings throughout the weekend. The outing provides employees an opportunity to bond and learn about their peers in a non-office setting, which we believe fosters a culture of inclusion and openness. 

  • A&S provides specific financial support to affinity groups and/or clubs, as requested by employees. Over the years, such support has included initiatives focused on affinity groups for women, LGBTQ people and people of Asian heritage, as well as clubs for employees to socialize around common interests, such as jewelry making, wine and whiskey tastings, sports and film.  We believe support for clubs and groups promoting diverse interests, backgrounds, and focuses provides opportunities for involvement and engagement by all employees.

  • Our physical office space even has specific amenities geared towards promoting a culture of inclusion, including:

    • A designated nursing room for new mothers (including a door that locks, covered windows with proper ventilation, a special refrigerator for storage of milk, a comfy recliner, and a computer and phone).

    • A private and accessible, gender-neutral bathroom facility.

    • A Hedgehog Hospitality Hamper containing free personal hygiene products for all employees and guests is located in all bathroom facilities at the Firm.

  • Availability of individualized office equipment and set-up to facilitate each individual’s physical needs, including standing desks, ergonomic keyboards, specialized computer screens, modified lighting, and other non-standard furniture, office, or desk configurations. Such accommodations are provided to all employees, regardless of seniority or position.

  • Food ordered at A&S-sponsored events always includes kosher, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, shellfish free, etc. options on request, as well as both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for any evening events.

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